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Main travelers just make a quick stop in Caracas or stay by the airport when they happen to arrive late and have not enough time to explore it deeply more. There are so many places to visit such as Avila Mountain, Cable car, Altamira where important political congregations took place in the early 2000, Plaza Bolívar, Bolívar´s House in downtown, National Assembly (Congress) where the main confrontation between pro-government parties and the opposition take place politically speaking, Los Próceres, its fantastic high-cuisine and typical Venezuelan restaurants where the “arepas” are the star of the show, great night life where the most beautiful people mingle around, and so many others. If you plan your trip with some time in advance, we ensure you that you will have a fantastic time in Caracas within a safe environment.

Who we are

Hola Caracas was created due to the lack of services offered to foreign tourists that come to Venezuela. We were aware of our passengers ‘needs when they first make a step in the country and also of the lack of quality service offered at the airport. Not only passengers look for tours, but also services that go above and beyond their expectations. Services that can make the difference between booking a tour vs. booking a tour with high quality standards. Hola Caracas add a “plus” to your actual reservation. We are all professionals within the tourism and hotel business with many years of experience locally and internationally wise. We know how to treat international passengers, for us there is no distinction between a VIP and a passenger on a tight travel budget, for us, everyone is VIP!

Our Core Values








We hold a great, well-trained and bilingual team that guarantees you will not miss a single highlight of the city. Our staff can join you even to go out at night and suggest places to go out and have fun. Transfers, airport assistance, luggage storage, city tours and more services are available within our catalogue.  We are a team of professionals with a long experience in the tourism and hotel business eager to provide international quality service to all our clients. Safety is our main goal!

Hola Caracas not offers services in Caracas, but also is affiliated with the main travel agencies in Venezuela. They can offer you tours around the country such as Angel Falls expeditions, Uruyen and Kavak, Delta Orinoco, Roraima, Los Roques, Isla Margarita, Catatumbo Lightning, Los Llanos, Mérida and much more. So, contacting us would be the right starting point to get to know Venezuela!

Hola Caracas highlights the beauty and the positive aspects of Caracas. We offer many options for travelers and individuals in general to explore and enjoy this fantastic city.



Caracas is located in the central northern side of the country. Around 25min driving distance away from Maiquetia Airport and the Caribbean Sea. It is 900mts above sea level. Caracas is located in a valley and surrounded by the Avila or Waraira Repano (Indigenous name) mountain.

Caracas is the capital and the main city of Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela). It embraces around 6 million of “caraqueños” (people from Caracas).  Caracas is considered the administrative, cultural, political, business and financial center of Venezuela. It is actually one of the reasons why most Venezuelans from the country side move to Caracas as it is where they can find more opportunities to grow professionally wise.


City Tours: Hola Caracas holds in its staff the most knowledgeable guides in the country who will ensure you will get to know Caracas at its fullest. We offer 4 up to 6 hour tours in Caracas covering the highlights of the city. All our city tours include a typical Venezuelan lunch. Click here to book this service.

Night life City Tours: Caracas is also known as a great city for its fantastic night life experience. Young, and not that young clients have enjoyed Caracas ‘night life. Straight and gay clients feel like home and even more comfortable than that. Although, Venezuelans make them feel like locals, they are not known in Caracas, so “freedom” is the word to perfectly describe the whole night life experience. A wide range of cuisine options, as well as night clubs are available for those who want to experience different sensations. Private transfers are available 24/7 for our clients to feel safe. Designated drivers are on! Click here to book this service.

Luggage storage: If you have other destinations under your belt before hitting Venezuela, you will probably be carrying a heavy luggage or backpack, so definitely you will need to store some extra weight behind if visiting Angel Falls or Los Roques. For these two destinations, you will be only allowed to bring up to 10kgs with you. We store your luggage for the time you will be away and return it either in Caracas or the airport. Click here to book this service.

Airport assistance: Arriving in Venezuela and connecting to another city would be a lot easier if you get assistance at the airport upon arrival. Our bilingual representative will meet you and guide your through to reach your accommodation in Caracas or near the airport. He/she can assist you with your check in at the national airport and help you getting around the airport safely. Airport assistance will definitely make you gain those minutes that may guarantee you make it to your next destination. Click here to book this service.

SIM Card: Stay in contact with your family and relatives while traveling in Venezuela. We provide SIM Cards with data plan of 500MB, SMS and calls (Nationwide only). SIM Cards for your “unlocked” phone. Please let us know if you need this service. Stay connect to your people by holding a local mobile line! Click here to book this service.

Transfers: There is nothing more convenient than having someone waiting for you at the airport who can make your way to your hotel or destination in Caracas. This service is the perfect complement of the Airport assistance. We provide transfers in SUVs or Sedan cars with experienced drivers. Transfer services are available to any location in Venezuela, most places are not reachable by plane, or the nearest airport is about a few hours away. If you are afraid of planes or bus rides are not your favorite, private car transfers could be a safe and comfortable option for you. If you need someone to freely speak to, we also count with bilingual drivers for you to feel more comfortable if Spanish is not your strong asset. For diplomats and VIP, we can organize armored car services with escort. Click here to book this service.

Tours around Venezuela: We are partnered with 2 local agencies with more than 15years of experience. We could assist you with a wide range of destinations: Angel Falls, Kavak/Uruyen, Roraima, Catatumbo Lightning, Mérida, Los Llanos, Los Roques, Isla Margarita, to find out more, please here.


If you are visiting Angel Falls and/or Los Roques, you definitely need to leave some stuff behind as weight allowance for both destinations is 10kg max per person.

  • Unpack and select heavy items such as shoes, boots, jeans, etc. and place them aside inside a bag or small luggage.
  • Please ensure they are non-valuable items. If you wish to store electronic devices such laptop, cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, etc., you must inform us before in advance, so we can take the proper care. We are not responsible for any damage or malfunctioning of any of the devices left for storage nor bags or luggage left in the store room.
  • If you wish, we also offer a wrapping service to better keep your luggage and its content. Please let us know if you require this service.
  • We also provide plastic bags for your convenience.
  • We cannot store food, animals (live or dead), any kind of suspicious substance that may catch the authorities’ attention.
  • We (Hola Caracas staff or any of its associates) are not responsible for the content or luggage left for storage service. The owner is to attend and declare to customs, airport authorities, police department the content of his/her luggage if it is subject to search or investigation.
  • Your flight details, hotel room, phone number, and more personal information is required in order to coordinate the pickup and drop off service. In case, you leave the country and you want us to send your luggage, we might need your address so we can use a reputable courier for luggage delivery. The luggage owner is to pay the delivery fee as indicated by the courier company. We recommend purchasing an insurance that could cover any damage or loss.

The store fee will cover wrapping service (if required), pickup and drop off service at Maiquetia Airport or nearby locations such as hotels, lodges, posadas, etc.